Coordinated, developmental and balanced movement is the cornerstone of our growth as human beings. To grow up healthy and fulfil their potential, children need to sit less and play and move freely more. When we see those first steps, those new ball skills, that first 540 spin, these are the outwards signs of inner development that reaches far deeper.

Earliest movements

Watch this video to discover how movement from our very earliest stages impacts our later life. (Some information is given regarding a movement in schools program, which you can find out more about here.)

Movement is who we are

Preschool Foundations

The team at Montessori Sports have a free resource of developmental movement activities for ages 2 – 6, individual and group work, on their YouTube channel. These movements are the foundations of all those that come later.

Montessori Sport co-ordinated movement videos for age 2 – 6 available on YouTube

What about teens?

Here Pro-Skateboarder, Rodney Mullen, who invented many of the tricks we see teens doing today, talk to us about how movement develops and expands his life and the world around him.

Older People

Movement, when combined with music, reaches parts others can’t reach. Watch here as a NYC Prima Ballerina with Alzheimer’s listens to Swan Lake and it all comes back. Dancer: Marta C. González, first dancer of the New York Ballet in the 60s. Images recorded in 2019, in Valencia. Find out more about this work here.

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