Introduction Workshops

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“I think that my child feels more listened to and that they are taking more responsibility… I think we are getting on better. I like the changes.” PD Parent, 2020

Dig deeper

Ready to get some info and go away with some techniques to try out? You’re in the right place.

You can join me online for a 2 hour introduction Workshop on zoom, exploring the principals of Positive Discipline for Youth Sports Coaches.

If you want to:

• Teach children life skills and values.
• Understand and respond to misbehaviour with loving guidance.
• Use kindness and firmness at the same time.
• Identify potential problems and develop skills to prevent them.
• Put love and joy into relationships with your children or those you coach.
• Resolve responsibility and role issues.
• Build effective communication between all family members

Then this is the place to start. Using fun, insightful and powerful interactive activities, your coaches will really find there “why” and “how”.

Workshops take place at a time to suit you and can take place live online, or onsite if you are in the Bath/Bristol/Somerset/Wiltshire area.

Cost is £60 with as many participants as you need.

Contact me to arrange a private Introduction Workshop for your club. It is astonishing how well these tools work when the full community involved – Coaching staff, volunteers, parents, even the athletes!

I look forward to seeing where the journey takes us.

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“This isn’t just a course with top tips, rather a course which gets you thinking at a deep level and one that could make a real practical difference.”

Dec 2020 Participant who has 4 children and 30 years experience working with young people