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Live CPD your team can access from anywhere

Your role as Coaches, Ride Leaders and Volunteers is more than just cycling. It also includes encouraging and empowering your members to accomplish their cycling goals and come back time after time for enjoyable rides. This means connecting with the person BEFORE addressing any goals.

These fun, interactive, and practical workshops will give your team to opportunity to develop themselves, their team and their working relationships in ways they might not have considered. And reap the benefits!

Workshops are delivered online via Zoom. On-site training available on request. 3, 6 and 12 hour programs available.

Workshops – 90mins

Empowering Ride Leaders to Welcome Young People

Want to welcome more families? More younger riders ready to come through? Or perhaps you keep losing young members? This workshop focusses on communicating with families and under 12s so they want to come back! Topics covered: Become aware of and value differences related to age, understanding the brain including self-regulation awareness and strategies, effective communication with families, how to give encouraging feedback

Conflict Resolution – trauma informed

Experienced coach or commissaire who want to skill up your 1:1 interactions? Club who wants to embed trauma-sensitive methods? You have new coaches or volunteers? This workshop dives into self-regulation awareness and strategies, active listening, non-violent communication methods and focussing on solutions. Adaptable for small seminars or larger groups.

Becoming the Club you Want to See!

Leadership need a refresh? Committee looking for ways to engage members? A new club just setting up? This workshop delivers empowering tools for club leaders, committees and volunteers. Topics covered: Become aware of and value differences, understanding the brain including self-regulation awareness and strategies, effective communication, how to give empowering feedback

Custom Workshop

Not seeing what you need? Each one of these workshops was developed specifically for British Cycling with 1:1 input from service providers. Get in touch if you would like to do the same. £200 / workshop to develop. Topics include: Communication 101 for new coaches, Skill up your interactions, Getting stuff done instead of doing stuff, How can I stop shouting?!, Why won’t they do what I tell them?, I’ve been coaching 18 years…there can’t be anything else to learn, Belief Behind the Behaviour Detective


The content was presented very well and I know the staff enjoyed it. It’s nice to hear another voice instead of my own!

Paul, Centre Managing Director, UK

Gillian made a safe space where I felt really happy to discover something: these people I thought had it all figured out really didn’t, just like me!

Andy, Cycling Biomechanist, Institute President, Spain

Let’s build something great together.